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A Unique

Culinary Experience

Maraña Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience in a laid-back, elegant and cosmopolitan space inspired by colonial aesthetics that combines the living nature of plants and their energy. An exclusive atmosphere led by Chef Franck Radiu, Top Chef France, and his team, who have imagined a menu of creative and delicious dishes where food, drink, design, music, service and mise en scène come together to create perfect harmony and balance.

Our Chef

Franck Radiu

Originally from Ajaccio, capital of the beautiful island of Corsica, Franck Radiu brings together all the culture and character of the rich Corsican cuisine and its excellent liquors and wines, combining them with his more than 20 years in the most prestigious restaurants of Biterrois Paris.

A fruitful career boosted by his successful participation in the 2016 edition of Top Chef France and his experience as Pastry Chef at the Caelis restaurant in Barcelona, with a prestigious Michelin Star, and which now culminates in Maraña Restaurant developing an innovative, creative cuisine, constantly renewed, Mediterranean-inspired and open to the world.

Exclusive Flavours

Of The Mediterranean

The menu prepared by Chef Franck Radiu and his team focuses on the excellence of the product, authenticity and fun. Dishes with their own character, prepared with top quality ingredients, where the excellent flavours of the Mediterranean stand out, the hallmark of the French Chef’s identity in all his creations.


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